AKG K3003

AKG K3003

AKG K3003
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    Like everything we carry, display model is in store to try. Online orders include express shipping.

    From Headphone Bar: These are the 3003i model, with built in inline mic. We have a display set to try and yes- they will blow your mind and reset people's expectations of what a universal fit IEM can sound like. The build is also better than expected, even for the price - its better than any custom fit earphone we've seen as well. Being able to get this type of sound quality without having to get moulds made, sent away, etc. makes for a nice ownership experience, just open the box and pow - they sound fantastic.

    We don't think there is a product available in the world that competes with these - the K3003 is easily the best sounding set of earphones we've heard, and are right up there with one of the best headphone experiences too. They are effortlessly powerful, quick, natural and detailed, with extension on both the top and bottom ends that doesn't appear to stop.

    These are a triple driver earphone model that use a dynamic speaker for the bass and two armature drivers for the mid-high frequencies. The advantage of a large company is notable here - AKG has invested the time, ground-up engineering and resources required to design and fine tune these to perfection.

    They seem to be fitting everyone very easily with the supplied medium tips. The packaging, build quality, accessories, tuning filters, materials and the attention to detail all appear obsessive. . They look and feel exquisite, as they should. The leather case with built in cable management and magnetic closure, for example, is perfect. 


    What Hifi, 2012: The AKG K3003i is the priciest pair of in-ears 'phones we’ve reviewed. It's also, by a massive margin, the best.

    We have absolutely no doubt that these AKGs are the best in-ear headphones we’ve ever heard -Stunningly agile, detailed sound; brilliant bass authority and precision; superb finish.

    At their best, they make our previous high-end champions ... sound crude and blurry – which by normal standards they certainly are not. Use a source that does the AKGs proud and they’ll deliver a sound that’s at the cutting edge for headphones at this price level regardless of type. That’s one thing we never thought we’d be writing about a pair of in-ears.


    From AKG: The K3003 earphones combine high sound quality, premium-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and unique, personalized sound tuning. To emphasize the product's exclusiveness, each K3003 model holds an individual serial number.

     Personalized sound: K3003 earphones provide you with one-of-a-kind personal sound-tuning capabilities. By changing the sound-tuning filters, you can adjust for three precise sound-output preferences directly into your ear. These adjustable, precision-machined mechanical filters allow for bass, mid or high frequencies to be modulated.

    Hybrid design: The K3003 earphones set a new benchmark in audio quality. By pioneering the hybrid of one dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers in each earphone, AKG engineers have created perfectly balanced 3-way earphones with ultralow distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs.

    The combination of dynamic bass and dual balanced-armature drivers gives the K3003s excellent audio performance as well as matchless mechanical design. Due to the positioning of the speakers (the dynamic driver is behind the dual balanced-armature driver), the K3003s don't need any additional frequency switches. The result: less potential interference.

     Balanced armature (BA) drivers present high audio performance and acoustic efficiency for more sound from less power. BA drivers, exquisitely crafted for the K3003s, are distinguished by the outstanding performance on midrange and high-frequency sounds. Due to the diaphragm's high excursion level, the K3003s' dynamic drivers represent good bass quality and support the balanced-armature drivers for reference-quality audio.


    • Colour: Stainless Steel & black
    • Frequency Range: 10Hz - 30kHz
    • Impedance: 8ohms
    • Sensitivity: 125 dB SPL/V
    • Weight w.out cable: 10g
    • Made in China

    Robb Report, as seen on AKG.com: Austrian headphone expert AKG began delivering its K3003 earbuds, which are unquestionably the finest universally fitting in-ear headphones ever created. With more than 60 years of experience manufacturing headphones and more than 1,400 technology patents, AKG pulled out all the stops to produce the K3003s, and spent four years on research and development before finally bringing these small wonders to market.

    The new buds, which retail for $1,300, easily compete with professional in-ear monitors (IEMs)—bulky devices that fill the entire ear cavity with multiple drivers and coloration-causing crossover switches. The relatively tiny buds of the AKG K3003s offer the high-quality audio reproduction of IEMs without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

    The groundbreaking development behind the K3003s—they weigh less than half an ounce without the cable—is a patent-pending three-way hybrid-driver system, which places a single dynamic bass driver behind dual balanced armatures that power the mids and highs. This arrangement, in addition to providing naturally aligned frequency phases, also eliminates the need for additional crossovers between each of the drivers. (The IEMs, by comparison, use as many as eight drivers with at least one crossover for each.) The results are crystal clear responses across the earphones’ huge frequency range of 10 Hz to 30 kHz. The lows hit hard and clean, the mids are smooth as butter, and the highs deliver unbelievable detail that provides nuances never before heard from earbuds: Squeaky chairs and musicians breathing delightfully color orchestral pieces, while the sound of parting lips whets vocal performances.

    AKG also developed three separate user-applied filters for the K3003s—one for reference-quality audio, one to boost bass response, and one for treble. These game-changing earbuds are also available with an Apple iOS–friendly remote control and microphone incorporated into the tangle-resistant cable, to convert users’ Apple devices into audiophile-grade mobile music players.







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