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Audeze LCD4
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Audeze LCD is a flagship headphone. Using nearly weightless, ultra fast flat panel planar magnetic drivers, LCD4 provide an incredibly dynamic, powerful and realistic sound quality. These LCD4 are the most recent version, built late 2016 and include Audeze's premium cable ($699 as an accessory) and clamshell travel case. LCD use a carbon fiber headband and feature very soft, supple lambskin earpads - they are heavy but the headband and earpads have plenty of contact area and soft materials for a very plush fit. LCD4 wood housings have a deep, slightly burgundy finish and polished grilles for a fantastic appearance. 

Audeze LCD4 use the most advanced driver design and materials yet from Audeze, with drivers that are lighter than air and impossibly thin. The magnet design provides for a more focused magnetic array, with the force directed at the drivers and significantly stronger than is found in other models, thanks to their Double FLuxor design. (we have an example of the fluxor magnets in store if you'd like to check out the technology) This combination of light driver with extremely strong magnetic force provides an incredibly dynamic, powerful, airy, clear and lifelike sound quality. 

The dynamics and the full scale response are impressive, even at low volume listening. Audeze LCD4 do benefit from a quality headphone amp, with a suggested power rating of 1-4 watts (4000mW).

  • impedance: 200 ohm
  • sensitivity: 97dB
  • Drivers: nano thin uniforce planar magnetic 
  • Frequency response: up to 50kHz
  • THD: less than 1% across entire frequency range
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