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Campfire Audio Jupiter

Campfire Audio Jupiter
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Latest version in stock with new Cerakote smooth ceramic finish and soft Litz cable.

Campfire Audio is a new earphone brand from ALO Audio. I was happy to meet Ken and the crew in Denver in 2015 and was impressed with the time they had put into developing the earphones, the innovation in the designs, the unique materials choices, how they designed the sonics as well as the unique industrial design and materials quality. While most similar earphones use plastic tubes and dampers between the multiple drivers and the ports, Campfire developed a resonator system that provides clear, extended treble response without any sibilance or peaks - smooth and clear with tons of fine detail.

Each model is impressive and the Jupiter ck with 4 drivers is one model down from Campfire Audio's flagship model. The Jupiter ck uses a two way design, with dual drivers for the low end and dual drivers for the high frequencies. The included silver coated copper Litz cable is light, pliable, resists microphonic noise and improves the sound over previous cables, the nubuck/shearling case is beautiful and the Jupiter sound top of the line. Isolation is also excellent. Hand made in the USA, featuring a new Cerakote finish with a rich look and feel.

Includes Nubuck case, New Silver coated Copper Litz cable, 9 pr eartips.

Reviews:  2016 The fit is superb...Isolation was best yet outside of custom designs...The Jupiter has a largely neutral tonality with a hint of bass warmth and presents a nice balance between accuracy and musicality....I love its weight, its balance and the detail it can capture, whilst staying very musical indeed.

From Campfire Audio:

The aluminum dampens and isolates the drivers.  It protects against intervening vibration and focuses the musical delivery of the earphone. 

The ergonomic shape of the design offers an easy to wear and comfortable fit.  The hard anodized finish makes for a great looking earphone. It is durable and ready to stand up to demanding daily use. The Jupiter's lightweight design is ideal for all day listening sessions.

3pr of silicon tips, 3pr of Campfire foam tips and 3pr of Comply foam tips provide plenty of options to achieve a secure fit.  The leather carrying case offers unique protection, looks and feels fantastic.

Frequency Response 10Hz-28kHz

Impedance @1K 35 ohm
Sensitivity @ 1K 114dB SPL/mW

Campfire Jupiter IEM vs Audeze LCD-X headphones

Written by Jacobsen on 25th Feb 2016

The only real comparison I have is the Jupiter IEMs vs my Audeze LCD-X headphones. The best description of the differences is to use an visual analogy… Audeze LCD-X with a balanced cable (PONO 192K 24bit source) Imagine a long wall about ten feet in front of you. Now imagine that the wall is made of a finally polished mirror Now wrap that wall mirror around you in a perfect semicircle. If you look straight ahead you get perfect “sound” reflected to your ears. If you turn your head to the left or to the right you still get perfect sound reflected to your ears. You hear the central music and all of the subtle nuance all around you. That’s how the Audeze’s sound. Campfire Jupiter unbalanced (PONO 192k 24bit source) Imagine that mirrored wall is now a slightly convex surface curving away from you. Imagine that you put on a pair of rose tinted sunglasses The sound in the center is strong (maybe to pronounced) with a warm (rosé) musicality to it The sound to your left and right is there but seems farther away and not so immediate. That’s how the Jupiter’s sound with an unbalanced cable Campfire Jupiter balanced (PONO 192k 24 bit source) Keep that slightly convex surface in the center Now wrap the far sides of the mirrored wall back around you. Keep your rose colored sunglasses on. The sound in the center remains strong with that warm musicality. The sounds from the left and right are suddenly more present and engaging. The sound seems to be in your head and not coming from the mirrored wall. That’s how the Jupiter’s sound with a balanced cable. I realize that much of the difference is due to the PONO’s ability as a balanced vs non-balance source; but balanced is how the Jupiter earphones sound the best. I also had been using a pair of Shure SE530’s for many years, and have enjoyed them immensely….using the above analogy with the same PONO source…The SE530’s sounded like you were listening to the music coming from a solidwall (not as precise or clear as a finely polished surface)....The nuances were less noticeable, duller and the “in-your-head” musically was not there. Are the Jupiter’s better than the Audeze, no, but they are different and in many ways equally enjoyable. Vocals sound much warmer in the midrange and the sound is in-your-head with the Jupiter’s. The Audeze’s are precise and the sound is a more perfect reflection of the source, but you are clearly looking at the source and not as much a part of it. p.s. I was using the included “Comply” earbuds with the Jupiter’ and found them very comfortable for extended listening periods, much better that the Audeze’s.

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