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Campfire Audio Vega

Campfire Audio Vega
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Campfire Audio Vega is their new flagship model and the tech and materials involved in their construction sound like a billionaires CSI / tech fantasy gone wild. The Vega feature a single 8.5mm driver with a new style of diamond coating, a liquid metal housing that is extremely strong and rigid (great acoustic properties) and Campfire's new soft, uber-pliable silver coated copper Litz cables. 

These new models also include the very attractive shearling style case, Campfire's excellent in house foam eartips (our favorite), Comply foam and spinfit silicone tips. 

The Vega fit cable down and area a small size, great for a wide variety of ear shapes and sizes.

Impedance is 17 ohms and a 102dB sensitivity, means these are not super sensitive and should work well with a wide variety of dacs and players - there should be no problems with hiss.

Reviews: 8.9 The diamond driver in the Vega is pacey, detailed and very resolving. The musicality is immense yet it never loses control which a lot of DD tend to do at times. And boy oh boy the Vega scales wonderfully. It will sound pretty good from most sources and most importantly hiss free from most everything portable. Yet old school portable amps and some desktop setups will really unlock the potential of the Vega and I heartily recommend you explore as many system setups as you can just to hear what it can do.

From Campfire: 

Vega combines a single 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond dynamic driver and a unique liquid metal alloy housing to flawlessly convey high fidelity music.

– World’s First 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond Dynamic Driver:  Campfire Audio is proud to be the first company to use a revolutionary breakthrough speaker technology implemented exclusively for in-ear monitors, a non-crystalline diamond dynamic driver. Our 8.5mm driver is just 9um thick and coated with our revolutionary ADLC non-crystalline diamond-carbon material. The Vega use of ADLC delivers stunning clarity, advanced micro detail, and dynamics.

– World’s First  Liquid Alloy Metal Earphone Housing:  When we were first introduced to the Liquid Alloy Metal we were impressed by the many benefits it could offer.   

  • Superior mechanical strength, higher than Titanium
  • Extraordinary hardness enabling resistance to scratching or dents
  • Unique cosmetic appearance
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Environmental and human friendly, non toxic and allergen free
  • Excellent damping and vibration characteristics


1 year warranty

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