Final Sonorous III

Final Sonorous III
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Final Sonorous III is one of the best values in mid range ($500-$1000 in our eyes) full size closed back headphones. The Sonorous III is new for 2016. Final use similar drivers in all their models, changing the housing, earpads or adding supertweeters to improve the sound as you go up the line. The III fits very comfortably, striking a nice balance of weight on the headband with very little clamping pressure and little heat for a great fit over many hours. 

The Sonorous III's gives a great balance of fast, deep bass, clear midrange and surprisingly clear, quality, detailed treble with no sibilance (no 'ssss' sound to female vocals). They are fun to listen to, never boring like some monitoring headphones, clear, have punch and are dead easy to drive, making them easy and affordable to use with a computer or ipad. Pairs really well with a Dragonfly dac or the excellent Resonessence Herus. 

These are pretty tough to beat around for under $700.

Reviews: Best Products of 2016: 'Final Audio’s Sonorous III (US$399) is a closed back headphone that doesn’t sound like your average closed back headphone. I continue to enjoy its strong dynamic contrasts and clean, articulate midrange..' Audiophiliac's Headphones of the year, 2016: The Final Audio Design Sonorous III is exactly the sort of headphone I recommend to people when they want to get a taste of what's so special about high-end audio, but can't go overboard on the budget. ... a balance of elasticity and depth that makes the earcups feel like they're floating on your head. I've worn them all day at work without taking many breaks and I haven't felt my ears get hot once... The headphones scale up well using an amplifier and lossless files, but... When I hit play on ... my iPhone 6, I was stunned by how crisp and clear the vocals play into a balance with the rest of the instruments. The vivid bass notes of the synthesizer registered deep tones along with the bass drum beats....Comparatively, the Oppos (pm3) tested with slightly better clarity and a more forward presence, but I still prefer the fullness and body on the IIIs, and there's no competition in terms comfort -- Final really did the research on universal fit.

From Final: 

  • Driver: 50mm dynamic, titanium
  • Ipedance: 16 ohms
  • SPL: 105 dB
  • Weight: 410g
  • Cable: 1.5m
  • 1 year warranty
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