Final Sonorous IV

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Final Sonorous IV
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Final Sonorous IV are a closed back (isolating) full sized headphone that fits around the ear. They are very easy to drive and provide excellent sound quality, especially from high quality portable sources, like outboard dacs and our quality portable music players. Sonorous IV use a high end 50mm driver with a balanced armature super tweeter style driver - the second driver adds a spaciousness, air and open feel to the music, more open than many closed headphones. 

Pro tip- if you are matching Sonorous IV with a dac, ideally look for something that has a spec of output impedance of 1 ohm or lower, so as not to alter the frequency response of the headphones.

The Sonorous IV have excellent clarity, with drivers similar to Final's higher end models, at a more affordable price, since they use less metal in the design and more ABS. The cable feels high quality and is replaceable. These do not fold or include a carry bag. Headband is well padded on the inside and there is little clamping pressure, for good comfort. 

  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • SPL: 105 dB
  • weight: 410 g
  • cable: 1.5m, removable


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