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Mytek Brooklyn

In Denver in 2015 I met Michal as they presented the new Brooklyn dac. It had winner written all over it and it helped to see the knowledge and capability of the owner at the show. He knows the unit inside out and can discuss it in ways that I can understand!  It took about 6 months for us to receive the new dac and it has proven to sound excellent. Now that more units have been out for review, the reviews are beginning to pile up. HiFiChoice, Stereophile, Computeraudiophile.com, Digitalaudioreview.net, audiostream.com....

Brooklyn eliminates the need to purchase a phono pre-amp, headphone amp, gives you remote control, is small, looks and feels good and is arguably the most complete, best sounding dac near its price range. 

The clear, bright display provides all of the info you could want, with a simple secondary display you can choose if you prefer. It is firmware upgradable and there have already been upgrades made available. Brooklyn has 6.5mm output for headphones or can be used as a balanced headphone amp, with the xlr adapter. 

The Brooklyn is on demo in the store and is usually playing.