Noble Kaiser 10 Encore

Noble Kaiser 10 Encore
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New Model, new improved Kaiser 10 Encore

From Headphone Bar: Noble Audio newly updated Kaiser 10 Encore universal fit earphones. 10 drivers per side now made from new improved drivers, proprietary to Noble for improved performance. making music that is wonderful to listen to. The new design is gorgeous, with the earshells CNC machined from solid aluminum, in a half titanium colour, half medium blue finish.

Easy to power but not hyper-sensitive, the K10 really have it all, from spaciousness, to quick, terrifyingly deep bass (James Blake through these is fantastic!) and pin prick accurate treble. Includes a new and improved hardshell case, eartip cleaning tool, 3 pair foam tips, 9 pair silicone eartips.

The reviews of the previous silver/red k10 are below and are all similar for a reason:

Innerfidelity.comNoble Audio's stunning Kaiser 10 most definitely deserves a spot on our Wall of Fame. It has a brilliant yet nonchalant character which keeps me coming back for more. Of all my in-ear monitors—scratch that, of all my headphones in general—the Kaiser 10 is the one I find myself reaching for most often these days; for portable use but also for dedicated listening at home. I'd say that speaks very highly of what Noble Audio has achieved with this flagship design.


 From HifiPlus Mag (UK): the K10s have about them a terrifically seductive quality that tends to win over critical listeners in spite of themselves. I found that, after listening to the K10s for an hour or so, it was actually surprisingly difficult to switch back to competing ‘neutral’ CIEMs because,  by comparison, they seemed to lack natural musical richness and warmth and to sound a bit sterile, mechanical, and shrill.  the Kaiser 10s do an exceptional job of rendering spatial cues in the music and to foster a sense of ‘total immersion’ in the music at hand. Not many  earphones or CIEMs can do true 3D soundstaging, but the K10s can and it is delight to hear

Part Time audiophile : On the other hand, if you’re a more demanding listener, the K-10 is the most “audiophile” of the bunch, and yes, that’s a good thing. Like an extremely well-tuned loudspeaker, the K-10 makes itself completely invisible to the overall experience. It doesn’t intrude. It doesn’t overwhelm. The music is open, airy and dynamic, with rock-solid and flex-your-head bass. With the K-10, there really is “just the music”. While it may not be truly neutral, that is, it does have a voicing, it’s the most consistently pleasing I’ve run across and the best match when my sources were absolutely top-notch From the first listen the K10 wowed me. At first it was its smooth, wide rendition of mids. Later, it was the flawless transition from mids to highs. Eventually I understood that intra-frequency stuff I went on and on about above.  The net effect is that I listened more to jazz than I had in months. Ditto piano solos. Trance, IDM, and hip-hop offer less to really go gaga over. But that’s their fault. From a power standpoint, K10 bass can throb. And yet it does nothing to unbalance the phenomenal midrange. 

And, by God, finding an earphone that sounds better across a broad range of music, may well be impossible. It may be impossible to find a better earphone.

From Noble: 

The critically acclaimed Kaiser 10 in-ear monitor, now available as a handcrafted IEM in Noble’s cnc machined aluminum housing, designed and manufactured locally in California.

The Kaiser 10 (K10) in-ear monitor is a design that was first conceptualized several years ago.  Wizard and Kaiser Soze recently reverted back to the original design and used the knowledge they gained over the years to build upon it. Out of honor and recognition for Kaiser Soze’s dedication, support, and leadership, Noble’s flagship item bares the name, “Kaiser 10.”

Described as “Wizard's greatest hits,” the K10 in-ear monitor is seemingly unchallenged at every frequency and capacity. 10-drivers working in unison as one results in what is likely the most coherent sound ever produced by a portable audio product.

  • 10 precision tuned balanced-armature drivers per side
  • Impedance < 35
  • Detachable cable w/ industry standard 2-pin configuration
  • Hand-finished
  • Hand-matched
  • Pelican case, 9 pair eartips, carry bag, wax cleaner
  • 2 year warranty from Noble Audio 
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