RHA Dacamp L1 + CL1 bundle

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RHA Dacamp L1 + CL1 bundle
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RHA Dacamp L1 & RHA CL1 earphones Bundle!

Includes both the dac amp L1 and the CL1 ceramic, flagship dual driver model RHA earphones

CL1 earphones have 2 cables, with cable routed over ear and are 150 ohm / 89 dB sensitivity, so they are meant only for use with amps. Frequency response is 16-45,000 Hz.

RHA's new portable dac is in sstore. The Dacamp L1 is a battery or usb powered dac with headphone amp designed with a dual mono dac, using the highly regarded ESS 9018 dac chips. Dacamp L1 uses usb input with android, windows or mac computers and is an IOS certified product, for consistent compatibility with Apple's portable IOS products as well. Optical digital input is also included, as is a line in, allowing you to use the Dacamp L1 as a headphone amp with a high quality source. 

This unit's industrial design is lovely, looks great in person and feels great in hand. The smooth edges, solid click of the bass, treble and gain controls are nice to use and the recessed volume control has the feel of real high end product that has been built to a portable scale. 

Having the bass and treble controls are brilliant, especially for anyone with multiple earphones or headphones, since there is so much variety in sound between different models of earphones - this lets you dial in your sound preference quickly, in a pleasingly tactile way. 

Includes an mini-XLR balanced headphone out, optimized to get the best performance from RHA's new CL1 earphones.

  • 3 year warranty from RHA
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